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Halfway #Beethoven250!

This year it’s been 250 years since Ludwig van Beethoven was born. To celebrate this, Christiaan Kuyvenhoven started a weekly vlog series about...


‘Long Distance Liszt’ Online Festival

Many people cannot wait to experience a concert again. Therefore the Liszt Competition organized an online Liszt festival on Saturday 4 July: Long...


DIY: Mondschein Sonata

Everyone loves the Mondschein Sonata by Beethoven! It is one of the most played pieces by amateur pianists. Episode 009 of my vlog...


Celebrating #Beethoven250!

Celebrating #Beethoven250! Hip hip hurray!¬†ūü•≥¬†This year, the great Ludwig van Beethoven was born 250 years ago. To celebrate this, I have started a...


Paul’s No.1 Show

On Saturday, December 7th Christiaan made his prime time appearance on Paul’s No.1 Show on Dutch tv station RTL4. Presentor Paul de Leeuw...


With Lang Lang at 5 Uur Live

Star pianist Lang Lang was in The Netherlands for concerts with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Christiaan was invited at tv-show 5 Uur Live...


Première Kabarett Dapitulet

Together with actor Hans Dagelet and viola player Esther Apituley, Christiaan now tours the Netherlands with ‘Kabarett Dapitulet’. An absurd music theatre show...


The Dom Tower illuminated!

Keys fo Light by Christiaan last October 15th. It is a unique piano installation that illuminates the Dom Tower of Utrecht. Invented by Mr....

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