The love story of Liszt’s daughter, Wagner’s wife.

A music theatre production by pianist/narrator Christiaan Kuyvenhoven (laureate of the International Franz Liszt Piano Competition) and Gulnara Shafigullina (prizewinner of the International Vocal Competition, Den Bosch), directed by Laurens Krispijn de Boer.

Cosima tells the intriguing life story of the daughter of the nineteenth century piano virtuoso Franz Liszt. A lack of fatherly love in her youth leads Cosima to search for her own path to happiness. She knows that she has foundher true purpose in life, when she becomes the wife of opera composer Richard Wagner. She devotes herself to his genius, to his soul. But at what price?

Cosima is a personal love story about identity, devotion, justice and power. A portrait of a determined woman.




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