4 de middag

NPO Radio 4

Tuesday-Friday | 14:00-16:00 hrs

4 de Middag is Christiaan’s daily radio show on the Dutch national classical music station NPO Radio 4, produced by Omroep MAX. Literary translated, the title means ‘celebrate the afternoon’ which is exactly what we try to do! It is a light show with pleasant repertoire from the baroque to the romantic era, from 20th century music to film and series scores.

Interaction with listeners is very important for the show. In the item ‘The Music of the day’, listeners can choose from two pieces presented as a musical dilemma based on the news. Also, we broadcast live performances from the extensive and high quality NPO Radio 4 database in our ‘Afternoon Concert’.

4 de Middag (NPO Radio 4)

Besides his daily shows, Christiaan is involved with the major yearly NPO Radio 4 projects such as the Hart en Ziel-lijst (Heart & Soul list). It presents the 300 most beautiful classical music pieces according to the listeners. Every October it is presented during live broadcasts from the Hart & Ziel Festival at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, the Netherlands.