De Maestro met de Breinaald

"The Maestro with the Needle"
Podcast | 6 episodes, Dutch spoken
About the show

De Maestro met de Breinaald (The Maestro with the Needle) is a podcast about conducting. In 6 episodes, Christiaan Kuyvenhoven explores what is needed to become a conductor. He does so by pursuing his childhood dream: learning Mahler’s Fifth Symphony.¬†

After buying a real baton, Christiaan starts following lessons with top conductors Antony Hermus and Ed Spanjaard. He searches on YouTube for lectures by his hero Leonard Bernstein, talks to trumpet player Andre Heuvelman about frightening solo’s, and dreams along with participants of the International Conducting Competition Rotterdam about big international careers.

Will he succeed in mastering all the skills needed for this demanding profession? And can he create an opportunity to stand in front of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra to lead a rehearsal? That you will find out in De Maestro met de Breinaald.

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De Maestro met de Breinaald | Christiaan Kuyvenhoven, Antony Hermus, Ed Spanjaard
(foto’s: Maarten Kools, Carlo ter Ellen)

“Full of enthusiasm, honesty, and insecurity, Kuyvenhoven involves the listener in his crash training of conducting.”

Volkskrant, NRC, DeStandaard


De Maestro met de Breinaald S1


Cast & crew

Presentor: Christiaan Kuyvenhoven
Conductors: Antony Hermus, Ed Spanjaard
Talents: Chloe Rooke, Martijn Dendievel
Commissioned by:
The International Conducting Competition Rotterdam –
Produced by: Certo Productions

6 episodes, 25-30 minutes. Dutch spoken

“If all goes well between you and the orchestra, conducting gives you the most wonderful feeling in the world. The magnificent power of what was conceived by a great composer then mingles with your own fantasy and the quality of the players. It must be like mixing two colors as a painter, when all of a sudden a new magical color appears that nobody has ever seen before.”

Ed Spanjaard in De Maestro met de Breinaald.


Commissioned by

International Conducting Competition Rotterdam

Spring 2022 an exciting new international event will see the light of day: the International Conducting Competition Rotterdam (ICCR). Presenting a completely new format with multiple rounds during which young conductors get a chance to work with numerous orchestras. By focusing on different genres and stylistic periods, participants can present themselves both as a specialist or as an all-rounder.

ICCR introduces a complete new formula by using multiple well-known orchestras with strong artistic profiles. Each round highlights a different genre, ranging from romantic to contemporary music, as well as opera and oratorio.

The competition consists of six rounds, each with a different specialism. Each round will consist of rehearsals and a final concert performance, both will be judged by the jury, and will be open to the public. Participants will get a chance to work with a number of renowned orchestras.

ICCR website ICCR website