‘Long Distance Liszt’ Online Festival

Many people cannot wait to experience a concert again. Therefore the Liszt Competition organized an online Liszt festival on Saturday 4 July: Long Distance Liszt.

Five laureates from the competition’s history performed in the Main Hall of TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. Christiaan Kuyvenhoven (2005), Alexander Ullman (prize winner 2017), Mengjie Han (2014), Nino Gvetadze (2008), and Wibi Soerjadi (1989) play works by Liszt and Beethoven, including some of the amazing Beethoven Symphony transcriptions.

Programme | Watch the full concert here.

Alexander Ullman
Beethoven/Liszt – Symphony No. 3, S464/3 1st Movement
Christiaan Kuyvenhoven
Beethoven – Eroica Variations, Op. 35
Nino Gvetadze
Schubert/Liszt – Ave Maria, s558/12
Mengjie Han
Tsoupaki – Thin air
Amatis Trio
Liszt – Tristia, S723c
Mengjie Han
Beethoven/Liszt – Symphony No 7, S464/7 – 2nd Movement
Wibi Soerjadi
Liszt – Après une lecture de Dante – Fantasia quasi sonata, S161/7
Alexander Ullman & Mengjie Han
Beethoven/Liszt – Symphony No 9, S657 – 4th Movement (excerpt)




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